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Smart meal solutions on the go

Smart meal solutions on the go

In today’s time when most of us are running to catch appointments and meet deadlines the two things which get compromised are nutrition and sleep . when continuously we take unbalanced diets and meals which are deficient in essential components , a stage comes when we fall prey to deficiencies , lowered immunity and sickness . The health disorders seen commonly these days is vitamin D deficiency , Vitamin B12 deficiency , weak bones and muscles , liver problems , digestive problems , premature greying and hair fall and frequent illness due to lowered immunity . The fundamental Triad of all disorders is – bad nutrition , sleep deprivation and stress .

However looking at the current lifestyles where time is always short and the list of tasks is unending , there are some simple nutrition solutions or Quick meals on the go to get the best out of a busy day.

1- Protein Meal plan

Components : a Health drink can be prepared using 2 tablespoons of protein powder , to this one can add one banana , a teaspoon of wheat bran powder , and a teaspoon of honey

Health value : This health drink provides the requirement of protein , which help in maintaining the muscle tissue and bones . In many protein shakes there are multivitamins which are essential for a healthy body like vitamins B complex , Vitamin C , Vitamin D , minerals like iron , zinc , copper , iodine , potassium .
The added Banana provides the necessary enzymes for a healthy body along with natural fruit sugar (instead of white sugar ) , it also works like a prebiotic( raw material for biotic )for the intestinal bacteria to work on and produce healthy components . Banana also regulates bowel movements.
The added wheat Bran prevents constipation and also is a bulking agent, which can give satiety and prevent untimely hunger .

2- Wholesome Vegetable Juice

Components of this Meal plan is vegetable juice ( fresh home made is ideal but the pre-packaged vegetable juice packs can also be used )  , a capsule of spirulina is added to this vegetable juice along with a tablespoon of sprouted mung ( available as pre-sprouted mung packets )  a pinch of Trikatu powder  and a pinch of amla powder .
Health Value ; The vegetable juice , even if it prepackaged can be made healthier and wholesome by the additional components. the vegetable juice is rich in enzymes and multivitamins, when we add (open a capsule of ) spirulina powder it becomes a rich source of natural protein and minerals . Sprouted mung by itself is very rich in enzymes and natural plant proteins and antioxidants . Amla powder is the richest source of vitamin C , which build immunity and is essential of repair and regeneration of skin tissue .Trikatu powder helps to improve Digestion and metabolism

3- Power Breakfast  

components :take a pouch of oat (ready to eat cereal)  , add a teaspoon of roasted oat bran , crushed flaxseed powder ( half teaspoon ) crushed almonds and walnuts , a pinch of cinnamon , a pinch of cardamon , chopped apples and a pinch of stevia powder or honey as a sweeter and skimmed milk to mix
health benefits ; oats and specially oat bran is rich in Beta glucan which prevent cholesterol deposits in the heart , it also build satiety and fullness , which prevents the tendency to over eat . flaxseeds are a food source of omega 3 fatty acids , Flaxseeds are also good for hormonal disorders in women . Almonds and walnuts promote health of the nervous system as they are rich in natural oils which are essential to build the nerve sheath .They also promote satiety and prevent  unhealthy snacking  .
Cinnamon is excellent for the intestinal health and cardamon besides adding flavour also prevents gas , bloating and nausea

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