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Simple Herbs For Health

Simple Herbs For Health

Herbs are the authentic method of balancing and Healing the Body . Herbs have been used for treatments and rejuvenation since thousands of years  all ver the world . Today there is a revival of of the science of herbs as the world is trying to search for natural and eco friendly solutions .Two of the popular vedic herbs are Trikatu and Tulsi


As the name suggests , it is made from “ three “ ( Tri ) herbs which are pungent “ Katu “ in nature . The herbs are part of the normal kitchen herbs which are – Black pepper ( kali mirch ) Ginger ( adharakh ) and Long Pepper ( pippali )

All these three herbs are pungent in nature . The action of these 3 herbs is to cut through accumulated mucous and open up the channels  of nutrition . The result of these herbs is that the body’s  metabolic and digestive channels open up and the body is able to metabolise all mucous and eliminate it , this helps to balance the “agni “ of the transformative power of the body . This herb is usually use along with Honey in a dose of one level teaspoon of Trikatu powder and 1 teaspoon of honey . Interestingly Honey is not fattening in Ayurveda and if genuine organic honey is consumed along with Trikatu powder , it actually helps the body to   lose the extra weight .

The Healing effects of the Trikatu powder is ——

1- It digest the mucous , and hence is excellent for all disorders which are due to excessive mucous like asthma and all problems connected to the head and neck , like sinusitis , throat problems , cough and cold .It helps to expectorate the cough and phlegm .

2- It is very good for balancing the metabolism , and is useful in both cases of low digestion and also in cases of overheating and food cravings .

3- It is useful in cases when due to menopause the digestion becomes imbalanced and leads to water retention and a feeling of constant fullness and despite low digestion , quick weight gain .

4- Since it can cut through the toxins and remove them , hence it helps to function as a reproductive detoxifier and help in cases of low Ojas and deficient sperm quality .

5-It is an excellent supplementary treatment for high cholesterol , this is because it is able to detoxify the blood and eliminate the excessive cholesterol from the system  by aiding the breakdown and digestion of extra cholesterol .

6- Trikatu is excellent for Diabetes also , specially in cases when the Diabetes is of type 2 origin , caused due to an imbalanced diet . In cases of Diabetes if the Triphala is added it becomes a very good combination . For example , Trikatu along with a little honey can be taken with a glass of warm water thrice a day and triphala chorine , mixed with warm water can be taken twice a day , in the morning  on an empty stomach and in the evening before sleeping .

Some precautions

lactating mothers and expecting mothers can not take this , unless they are supervised by a Ayurvedic Doctor . Diabetics with kidney’s affected and on dialysis should not take this combination unless supervised by a Ayurvedic Doctor .

People with ulcers and complicated digestive disorders should avoid this preparation , unless medically supervised

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