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Herbs for Health and wellness

Herbs for Health and wellness

Herbs since the very ancient times have been used for healing and preventing many diseases . Across the world the renewed interest in herbs has emerged due to the growing philosophy of keeping the chemical load on the body to a minimum .

The herbs featured today are one of the common and popular herbs used in Ayurvedic texts .


It is a herb which is primarily a popular herb used for women’s reproductive heath .However even men benefit from its use . The herb has certain positive effects on the body , which is to reduce the imbalanced Air ( vat) and Fire ( pitta ) in the body which is the common cause of many female  reproductive problems like polycystic ovary , painful cycles , fibroids , and frequent infections .
It increases kapha and helps to build the female reproductive strength .Ayurveda defines its post digestive essence ( rasa ) as sweet and sharp and defines its post digestive impact as cooling the body ( hence it can pacify imbalanced fire / pitta energy )

The herb is known to strengthen the female reproductive tract and also improve the fertility in women under the ages of 40 years . It is frequently prescribed after childbirth to improve the milk flow in the lactating mother . In women who are experiencing low fertility levels due to stress or previous weakness or previous illness , can take shatavari to boost their fertility .

It is also very useful for women in the menopausal and post menopausal age group as it controls many aspects of the women’s reproductive health . It can help women to smoothly transition the menopausal phase with lesser  instances of hot flushes , vaginal dryness and infections .

Correct procedure to take shatavari – This herb is available in the form of powder and tablets . Though the form of powder is better  in its efficacy . since it is a herb it has a short shelf life once it is opened and it should be consumed before the expiry date to get any real benefits . For better results Shatavari should be taken according to the prescribed doses which is usually half a teaspoon twice a day , but it varies in different people . It is to be taken with half a cup of organic milk ( the reason organic milk is essential because in the treatment of hormonal disorders , only that kind of milk can be used which is free of all hormones ( like oxytocin ) and chemicals .

Shatavari is also used for other health benefits like reducing the acidity in both genders , hence it is one of the useful  herbs in ulcers and reflux oesophagitis  ( it can be used along with Aloe vera juice also )
It is also good for people suffering from severe constipation or stomach cramps  . It is useful in dry cough . This herb lubricates all the membranes  of the body .
It also helps to reduce excessive water retention

Shatavari should no be given in active tumour growth , It also is to be avoided in very high blood pressure , kidney disorders and liver disorders . In active fear or inflammation shatavari can be avoided .

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